The Pride of Ashtamudi – Kollam

Kollam is one of the largest cities of Kerala, both in terms of population and area. Situated on the coast of the Ashtamudi Lake (the eight-armed lake), Kollam is a popular village city for its natural surroundings, beautiful resorts and ayurvedic massage treatments. As is common knowledge, Kollam is the new name of Quilon of past, the famed sea port. Due to its proximity to the backwaters of Kerala, it is also referred to as the southern gateway to the magnificent water bodies of this state.

The travelers to this city also get a chance to treat themselves to its historic past. It has been in existence and continuous habitation since the period of Chera rulers and was a prominent port bustling with commercial activity during the period of ancient Rome. Even now it is the second largest port after Cochin in Kerala. A number of religious places are also important tourist landmarks. These include the many churches, temples and mosques which also signals its glorious past of being home to different religious communities.

With respect to the availability of the staying places, there are a wide assortment of options for the tourists. Most of the famous hotel chains either have their contemporary design hotels in the city or beautiful resorts close to the placid backwaters. There are starred and the non-starred hotels in Kollam that cater to the requirements of stay for any tourist. The resorts in Kollam provide varied accommodation experiences to the tourists. The famous ones are based on certain themes and these set these apart from the other in terms of theirĀ ambianceĀ  decor, offerings and interior and exterior furnishings.

The backwaters provide a natural setting which provides a relaxing and soothing experience, away from the hectic schedules and fast paced lifestyle. The ayurvedic massage treatments are some of the commonly found facilities in hotels in Kollam. These treatments serve the purpose of rejuvenating the body and soul. These are offered as packages by these hotels and resorts. Guests frequent these resorts which are especially famed for their aromatic and non-aromatic massage treatments.

These hotels and resorts serve varied delicacies from Indian and Mediterranean menus. These include the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian foods. Some of these resorts even serve the famous aromatic teas of the region, which are not to be found elsewhere in the city.

Kollam is also renowned for its cashew and coir industries. The tourists can get around the city to find that many products of coir are made here which are used for varied purposes. Cashew processing is one of the major industries of this city.

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